Román Cortés

I don’t want a chrome anymore

19 de Diciembre del 2010

EDIT: After some commentaries, I’ve found that the idea exposed in this post was already developed. Being ashamed by futility and stupidity of the post, I’m now changing it and publishing something else: one of the very first drawings I’ve saved from my childhood:

ZX Spectrum

I did it when I was 3 years old, and I was definitely and completely obsessed with the tiny home computer. It was drawn at school, and it made my teacher to ask my mother what it was - in 1984 computers were not a very common thing.

Ok, let’s try to add something more to distract from the fact the previous content of this post was ridiculous:

Rey azul

Look at this beatiful Magi King! At Spain, it is not only Santa Claus who brings gifts to good children, but mostly the Three Kings. They take a bit more to reach children houses (January 6th), and I suppose it is mostly because their camel based ground way of transport.

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