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How I did the 1kb Christmas Tree

15 de Diciembre del 2010

Christmas Tree

JS1k is a really nice contest for coding tiny 1 kb Javascript programs and try to do something nice in that few available space. In its second edition, all the entries must be Christmas themed.

My contribution to the contest has been a 3D Christmas tree (note it doesn’t work in IE, and works slow in any current browser except in Chrome). I’m really lazy to write articles explaining how I do my visual effects, but in this case a lot of people are asking me to do it, so let’s try it in a visual way:


Finally, some size optimization tricks

I used several tricks to make the code fit in 1 kb. The most of them are the usual tricks for reducing Javascript code size, like renaming variables to single character names, removing white spaces, unnecesary semi-colons and so on.

It is also very common  to assign functions you use more than one time to variables to avoid the repetition. For example, if I do r=Math.random;, I can call r() each time I need a random number.

I used some few math tricks, like using cos(angle+11) to approximate sin(angle) and modular arithmetic.

Finally, I’ve used some other tricks like reusing functions. A function does different things depending on if it received parameters or not. This saves some few bytes from writing again “function”.

Writing code for limited size competitions is mostly like a puzzle or logical game. In the most of the cases there is not a common rule to do it, but just thinking and trying different ways to achieve the same goal in less space. It is usually possible to fit 5 or 6 kb of normal code in 1 kb if you try it and don’t give up.

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