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Bush CSS

28 de Abril del 2008

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Tras el Homer CSS estaba buscando otro personaje gracioso para crear con el mismo método. ¿Quién podría ser más gracioso que Homer Simpson?

Al igual que Homer CSS, está comprobada su correcta visualización desde IE 5.5+, Opera 9, Safari 3 y Firefox 2+ para Windows. Necesita la fuente Verdana.


After creating Homer in CSS, I looked around for another funny character to create using the same method. But who could be funnier than Homer Simpson?

As with “Homer in CSS”, it has been tested in IE 5.5+, Opera 9, Safari 3 and Firefox 2+, for Windows and should work perfectly in all of those. It does require the Verdana font, so make sure you have that installed if it appears broken.

What’s so special about this picture anyways?

It is not an image in the normal sense, it was instead painstakingly created using CSS. CSS (cascade style sheets) is a language to define a website visual representation, but it is not intended to create images. Bush was created by placing hundreds of characters (numbers/letters/symbols) of different sizes and colors in specific positions on the page. Too easily see this, click somewhere in the middle of his face and slowly drag your mouse outward. You should see your mouse highlight some of the text!

Since this is an unusual and rather avant-garde method for displaying images, there are no tools and the process is hard, slow and complex to make it work well in different browsers.

So, why did I spent dozens of hours in such a pointless task?

…no comment.

Translated by Thomas Gilray.

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