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4 de Noviembre del 2009

Slashedit logo 

What’s the big deal? Wikipedia have years with editable content!

Instead of Wikipedia and other websites with editable content, in Slashedit you’re not just available to edit the content; i mean, you can edit the source code! Totally edition freedom.

Welcome to the Web 3.0 guys!

First of all, you need know a few html tags, you can type in your browser and you will be creating your page. Wow, are you serious? Yeap, that’s it. No login, no email and password, no username, just slashedit.

So, Who owns this page?!

Me! And You! And anyone that see or edit this website.

Spread the word!

Press: Let’s make something that rulz everyone together:

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Feel free to use the logo or banners in your website

A web project by Roman Cortes with a hand from Elias Sierra

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