Román Cortés

DotNetOpenId logo

21 de Julio del 2008

I am still designing free logos for interesting projects (see other free logo designs -only in Spanish). This time I will show you the logo I’ve created for the open source project DotNetOpenId.

dotnetopenid logo

The idea of the logo was to give the openid logo a touch of .net, to make it clear at a glance what the project is about: OpenID on the .NET platform.

About OpenID

OpenID is an open authentication mechanism designed to free users of having to memorize unique usernames and passwords for every web site they want to sign into.  A single web site (the OpenID Provider) hosts a user’s ‘identity’, and that web site authenticates the user whenever the user wants to log into an OpenID-supporting web site (an OpenID Relying Party).  The protocol is designed so that anyone can be a Provider or a Relying Party without having to pay royalties or fees.  There is no central identity hub that anyone must register with.

DotNetOpenId makes adding OpenID support to an existing ASP.NET web site as easy as dropping a control onto the designer.  An API also exists for those who want more control, flexibility or who are using ASP.NET MVC.

Free logos

I’m interested in collaboration with open source projects, creating logos for free. If you have a nice open source project I can collaborate with, please write to my contact form. Unfortunately I have limited free time, but I try to maintain 2-3 free logos done per week.